First of all congratulations on finding this little gem of a site amongst all the millions of pages on the internet. You have just landed on a very nice pot of Hydroponic rewards going forward.

The Cali Buyers Club was set up to help the growing community from beginners to pros save big on all their Hydroponic growing needs and help with expert advice and support throughout their growing experience.

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The Cali Buyers Club is a great way to start saving big in the hydroponics world.

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Up to 3% cashback on your first purchase instantly for just joining and becoming a Bronze level member.

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Our ultimate top-level member is Platinum. This level attracts a massive 15% points based cashback, as you can imagine this soon makes your growing product needs far cheaper than you have ever seen before anywhere. To become a Platinum level member you need to accumulate a £2500 spend, now this can be done on your first order if you wish or you can build it up over time by visiting the site and making smaller orders that all add up and count towards climbing the ladder through the different buyer club levels.

Plus as a member of The Cali Buyers Club, you will regularly have the opportunity of entering many competitions to win plant nutrients, media and growing equipment. Many of these comps are absolutely free and just a thank you from ourselves for your support.

We are also here to answer any questions you may have regarding Hydroponic and Horticultural growing systems, we have a vast wealth of knowledge to share and are only an email away.

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